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Dried Lemon Balm leaves 12g

The name ‘’mélisse de calme ‘’ (in english Lemon Balm leaves) derived from ‘’mélisse des carmes’’ water, both of these medicinal plants contains similar benefits which are ease the digestion, and calm the anxiety

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Lemongrass tea 15g

In French Guyana, lemongrass leaves are traditionally used under form of decotion among Creole people as well as Palikur to treat fever, sore throat and flu when orally administered. The decoction prevents diarrhea, ease the gastrointestinal transition and cold.

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Combava leaves 15g

Le combava has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxydant propreties. It lowers the risk of heart disease with its flavonoid and C vitamin. An effective herbal tea infusion for people who suffers hypertension.

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Moringa tea 15g

Moringa is a plant from the north-east of India. Usually cultivated in tropical areas and subtropical part of the world where it is often naturalized. .

There is approximatively 13 species of Moringa from the Moringaceae family, and the most famous species is Moringa Oleifera.

Price €8.50