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PAPAYA-ORANGE CHUTNEY (Chutney orange papaye)

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This Papaya-orange Chutney combines the sweetness of green papaya with the bitterness of oranges and the spiciness of Guianese chilli pepper. The papayas, oranges and spices are all selected and prepared by hand to bring you this high-quality chutney.
Recommended use:
It is ideal with white meat, vegetables, and used in the preparation of sauces. This slightly hot papaya-orange chutney will spice up your dishes and give that much sought-after exotic touch.
Recipe idea: Chicken breast served with papaya-orange chutney Cut the chicken breasts into small cubes and marinate for 1 hour in a mixture of papaya-orange chutney and orange juice. In a frying pan, sauté some thinly sliced shallots, drain and add the diced chicken. Cook over a low heat for about ten minutes. Once cooked, add a teaspoon of papaya-orange chutney and a little cream. When served with spicy semolina, this simple dish is a real treat.

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Papayas (35%), sugar, oranges (15%), vinegar, onions, peppers stemmed by hand, salt, pepper, cinnamon. Keep refrigerated after opening.
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