VANILLA SYRUP (Sirop vanille)

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A taste of the Islands

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Thanks to this cordial made with its exceptional vanilla aromas you will be able to mix drinks with an incredibly intense taste.
Rich in fruit and spices, our cordials perfectly reflect all the exotic flavours of Guianese gourmet cuisine. This cordial will elevate all your drinks, fizzy drinks, slushes and cocktails, as well as desserts, ice creams and other fruit pastries.
This vanilla cordial is ideal for making Ti' Punch*:
Pour 2cl Colibri cordial, add 6cl Guianese Or Blanc (white gold) rum, and press a 1/4 of a lime. Mix thoroughly and serve with or without ice to enhance the refreshing taste of this traditional aperitif.
This vanilla cordial contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

Nutritional values

Ingrédients : Brown sugar, water, vanilla flavor (0.5%), acidifier: Citric Acid. Keeps for 6 months after opening.

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