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All the flavour of chilli pepper without the bite

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Vegetarian chilli pepper is a variety of chilli pepper found in French Guiana. Its distinctive feature is that it doesn’t produce a burning sensation. The TOCO vegetarian chilli paste combines the flavour of chilli pepper - without the bite - with all the character of ginger, which is what gives it all its originality.
Recommended use:
Vegetarian chilli paste can be used to suit all tastes. Excellent in marinades for any meat dishes as well as for fish.
Recipe idea:
Proportions to make a marinade: 1 jar of TOCO vegetarian chilli paste, add 3 jar-fulls of lime juice, 1 jar-full of olive oil, plus finely chopped parsley or herbes de Provence, salt and pepper. Add the meat or fish to this preparation and leave to marinate.

Nutritional values

Ingrédients : Vegetarian chilies trimmed by hand (49%), sunflower oil, ginger, vinegar, salt, garlic, citric acid, preservatives: sodium sulfite. Keep refrigerated after opening.
2015-12-24 15:02:42

Parfait pour les petits plats familiaux, il apporte du goût sans pimenter (très bien sur les légumes ou le poisson).

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