CHILLI-LIME PASTE (Pâte de piment citron vert)

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The chilli pepper has a tangy taste

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The lime gives the chilli a tangy taste. Ideal for those who just love spicy food.
Recommended use:
The chilli lime paste really livens up fish and shellfish. To be added to your dishes after cooking.
Recipe idea: White butter sauce for fish
Melt 100g butter, add 25cl double cream. Add the juice of a lime. Mix thoroughly and then add a little TOCO chilli-lime paste. Coat the fillets with this sauce.

Nutritional values

Ingrédients : Peppers trimmed by hand (46%), vinegar, lime (9.5%), salt, water, garlic, rum, ginger, sugar. Keep refrigerated after opening.
spicy strength : 4

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